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What is EXCHANGE LIVE ART2021-08-06T08:22:54+00:00

EXCHANGE LIVE ART is a project that investigates Communication, taking the Action or Performance Art as the basis and tool for this research.

We believe that artistic creation is a living act, in which there are no limits or boundaries.

We are interested in collective creation, by proposing meetings, residencies, workshops, talks and experiences in which we work with artists from different disciplines, backgrounds and origins.


…as a need to create and promote art and culture in a socio-political and economic moment in which this sector is suffering more than ever. This project aims to involve and count with the participation of institutions, artists and public.

…a curatorial project focus on performance art that involves a bet by the artists rather than concrete works. in this project, the creation process and the communication-interpretation research goes beyond the final “artistic “result.

…the “score” (or script of a performance) as the central axis of a project in which is also involve the writing, photography, video, live action, workshop and debate as part of a whole: different ways that generate reflection and thought.

…based not only on exchanging artistic scores, but in different ways to do, create and experiment “art”, with proposals from artists of different generations, backgrounds and disciplines, expanding the research with different professionals from art, sociology, philosophy, etc.



“The communication could be understood as a series of illusions, or fragmented reflections that occasionally intersect and generate the ilusion of communication, real reflection. However, the experience of each body communicating is always different: it is a condition of contingencies that makes at the here and now of a context is generate variations and interpretations, differentiation unpredictable and that these are inevitably different for each body communicating”


What is life but a pure and continuous exchange? Ideas, thoughts, emotions or feelings that we share with the other by language and gesture. The communication, which goes hand in hand with uncommunication, is a serious and disconcerting subject, that generate disputes and misunderstandings, but also absurd and funny situations. We learn the words, their meanings, their conjugations, constructions… however this does not necessarily mean that each person understands the same thing, so “communication involve interpretation”.



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