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Project Description


We polish our brain by rubbing it with that of others
Michel de Montaigne

CICLO EXCHANGE is a project that includes a series of activities with which we celebrate the five years of EXCHANGE Live Art. During this time, our interest has focused on the shared creation among artists from very diverse backgrounds, seeking dialogue and enrichment mutual that arises from the difference. The work that emerges from the collectivity is the opposite idea to the frequent path of the solo artist. In this process of shared creation, we reflect on art, communication, the process of creation, as well as the diverse interests and concerns of those who participate. It is therefore an artistic, social and cultural project, a common space where to question the act of communication, the various channels with their drifts, the fragmented narrative of everyday life, the incongruous isolation of a networked society… To share enriches us, being aware of different points of view and making us reflect on our own thoughts.

To celebrate these intense five years, we have proposed to artists who have participated during this time, the realization of a score-object that explores the theme of “Communication” that will be part of the collective publication entitled LUNCHBOX. Thus, CICLO EXCHANGE revolves around this new proposal that is accompanied by a series of activities such as the exhibition of the pieces of the box, talks and performances.



We have wonderful rewards to thank you for your support. HERE

LUNCHBOX, is a cardboard lunch box that with its opening will nourish us with more than forty proposals from national and international artists, writers, performers, visual and plastic artists, musicians and even a sociologist … their names are:

Abel Loureda, Alba Soto, Ana Gesto, Ana Matey, Analía Beltrán i Janés, Anu-Hanna Antilla, Bartolomé Ferrando, Belén Cueto, Christian Bujold, Christian Fernández Mirón, Daniel Franco, Domix Garrido, Elvira Santamaría, Fausto Gracia, Giusseppe Domínguez,  Ida Grimsgaard, Ignacio Pérez Pérez, Inger Reidun Olsen, Isabel León, Jenny Kangasvuo,  Johanna Speidel, Jonimatti Joutsijärvi, Karim Kharbaoui, Koke Vega, Luis Fores, Luis Elorriaga, Maria Rosa Hidalgo, Mario Montoya, Mario Gutiérrez Cru, Martine Viale, Miguel Guzmán, Nieves Correa, Noa Reshef, Olivier Fokoua, Pascale Ciapp, Pedro Alba,  Pepe Murciego, Raúl Díaz Obregón, Shannon Cochrane, Sofia Bensaid, Sergio Muro, Susanne Irene Fjørtoft, Violeta Nicolás, Willem Wilhelmus y Yolanda Pérez Herreras.

The EXHIBITION and PRESENTATION of LUNCHBOX is accompanied by the CONFERENCE “Experience as a ladder to knowledge. Communication, shared creation and action art “where the artists and creators, Isabel León and Ana Matey, reflect on this project and its trajectory, an EXCHANGE CREATION WORKSHOP where they share the methodology developed during these years and of PERFORMANCES by the artists participants where they will give life to their own scores as well as that of other artists.

EXCHANGE Live Art is a creation and research project of the artists Isabel León and Ana Matey. We have carried out a total of 14 editions with multiple activities, which include residences and artistic laboratories, exhibitions, workshops and performances. We also had the participation of 63 artists of different generations and nationalities including Spain, Norway, Canada, Finland, Tunisia, Cameroon, Morocco, Mexico and Venezuela.

This cycle is open to be presented in all those projects, festivals, spaces or institutions that are interested, being able to adapt to the temporal, spatial and budgetary needs of each context. Get in touch with us for concrete proposals … we are looking forward to share this adventure!


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