This year we are very happy to celebrate the V Anniversary of EXCHANGE Live Art, and for this we are going to carry out a series of festive activities around LUNCHBOX, this box shaped lunch box created for the occasion, in which is participating a total of 43 artists, national and international.

The party will take place on Saturday September 22 at MATSU, headquarters of our association. We also want to share and celebrate the farewell of this space, which for seven years, has been a place that we have shared with multiple meetings, laboratories and workshops with special interest in the art of action, and that has been built thanks to the efforts of Ana and Igor. What better place to open this picnic box than in the country side! where Matsu is located …

Also, in collaboration with Acción! MAD, we host EQUINOX TO EQUINOX; a meeting in which for one hour a group of artists perform simultaneously. Among them we will have Giusseppe Domínguez, Sofía Misma, Isabel Corullón, Yolanda Pérez Herreras, Raúl Díaz-Obregón, Pancho López and Isabel León. What makes this meeting special is that in other 43 different points of the world there will be different groups of artists performing in the public space.

The icing will be set by… Concert by Sef! In loved of the collective intimacy, which will sing some nocturnal tunes very close.

And as every year we will have dinner, drink and dance until the bodies resist!!!

…we take care of the food …bring the drinks!


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