Last 20 and 21 July we were in Girona presenting CICLO EXCHANGE within the activities organized by Bòlit Center Art Contemporani Girona on the occasion of the exhibition of the English artist living in Catalonia Denys Blacker.

Denys Blacker is a multidisciplinary artist with a great career in action art and in the creation of collaborative projects focused on the research and practice of action art, such as the Gresolart association, the women’s performance festival FEM, Corpología (magazine and performance sessions) or Pájaros en la Cabeza (research and practice group). It has been a pleasure to share our project in this context and to have collaborated with Denys.

For CICLO EXCHANGE GIRONA we had the participation of our hostess and Martine Viale, Canadian artist living in the south of France and one of the participating artists in the last edition of CHARCO EXCHANGE.




Isabel León, gave a talk about EXCHANGE Live Art and the LUNCHBOX Object Magazine that we have made to celebrate our five years of trajectory. After the talk, the three artists performed an improvisation session taking some of LUNCHBOX’s performance scores as a starting point.








The following day, on Saturday 21, in the wonderful space of the Church of Santa Lucia, there was a performance session structured in three parts: First, again Denys, Martine and Isabel took scores from the box to do exercises improvisation based on listening, intuition and telepathy.









Next, Isabel León performed the score “Lenguage” by Ana Matey, making the piece “LETAJG”. In it, Isabel takes the main elements of the score (an eraser and the word “lenguage”, a mixture of language and lenguaje) and incorporates the word “llenguatge” (Catalan), in a very physical action, in which she writes and at the same time erases these three words and builds a new on, in an attempt to subtly ironise about the importance we sometimes give to certain details, when what ultimately interests us is to be able to communicate.








Finally, Martine Viale carried out an action based on her score for LUNCHBOX, “Cartography of an action”, in which she starts with small scores written in “posits”, with a clear intention to establish a direct communication with the audience. Finally, the last message invites the public to fill some glasses with breath and turn them on a table.






This experience in Girona has been an opportunity to put into practice the objectives of EXCHANGE Live Art, since there have been many moments of exchange, shared creation and dialogue, both verbal and artistic. Once again we have had the good fortune to live an experience that enriches both artistically and personally.


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